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To strive untiringly to demonstrate a humanitarian approach in making a positive difference in the lives of others thereby facilitating opportunities to improve one's quality of life.

Our Vision

To provide empowerment experiences that promote self-sufficiency through training and development of personal and professional skills, which rest on our core values of benevolence, compassion, excellence, integrity, meekness, and respect.

Our Value Proposition

We accept tax-deductible monetary and physical contributions.  Please show your support and donate to IGMA Inc.
EIN: 45-3705976

Office: 770-422-4048

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  • To host programs and events using the arts to bring awareness about life challenges and choices affecting our youth and young adults.

  • To empower people through the development of life skills via workshops, one-on-one, group mentoring, and counseling sessions.

  • To establish Mentorship Programs to bridge the generational gaps between youth and elderly individuals (Senior Sailors Programs).

  • To render tools, resources, and techniques to individuals to help promote self-sufficiency and confidence among our Veterans and Homeless Communities.

  • To create and establish workshops, seminars, and program implementation best practices, which can promote efficiency and effectiveness via self-awareness, self-respect, self-esteem, self-worth, time management, business management, and reinforce positive values (Enhancing personal and organizational growth and development).

  • Offer ZOOM Sessions as needed to facilitate remote learning.

  • Invite listeners to please join us every Saturday @ 5 PM (EST) for our ATM Radio Broadcast and feel free to email us your preferred topics of interest at 

  • Discuss in a radio setting “All That Matters” topics with our guest(s) who are committed to sharing great Insight, Resources, Answers, and or Strategies to help empower individuals and organizations seeking to cope and sustain, especially during times of uncertainty, while addressing our weekly B.L.E.N.T.H. topics that matter to our radio listeners.

Our Goals & Objectives

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