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Thank you for visiting IGMA Inc online. We hope that our website displays our passion for helping the youth and those less fortunate than most. Don't just stop here, explore the site so that you can learn more about IGMA Inc. and our cause!

Dr. Angela Griffin

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit public and charitable organization specializing in empowering others through training, developing, and hosting community awareness initiatives to enhance individual and organizational coping skills.

Who We Are...

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 Goshen Publishers:


         All proceeds received from books purchased will be donated to IGMA, Inc.

NOTE:  Please feel free to click on the link below to Dr. A.’s  Book Release Celebration Recording:

Access Passcode: tFb4m+y6


We accept tax-deductible monetary and physical contributions.  Please show your support and donate to IGMA Inc.

EIN: 45-3705976

Office: 770-422-4048

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Please Stay Tuned for 2022 APPLICATION Updates 

(Our Scholarship Application Window Opens OCT 15th -NOV 20th Annually)

We offer Annual Educational Scholarships in Memory of William Donald Paul, II

to Local Graduating High School Seniors & Undergraduate College Students in our  Service Area

Please click the Red Link above for our Scholarship Application Details.


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Alabama State University (ASU) Single Parent Undergraduates are encouraged to apply at ASU for the:

William Donald Paul, II "Stop The Violence" Endowment Scholarship

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           "All That Matters"

      hosted by Dr. Angelia Griffin (Dr. A.)

 "ATM" Talk Show TopicsBusiness, Legal Matters,      Education, Nonprofit, Technology & Healthcare

        Scroll down to the Bottom of the website   

       Press the Play Arrow @ 5 Pm (EST) Every Saturday.

 Also Airing on TuneIn Radio:

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              “Put an “L” in front of our EGO to make a LEGO because we are constantly building and growing!  Belinda Carrington, CFO

                                                                   We Operate in Florida & Georgia


                                                      Our Featured Partners: 

             LegalShield (connect with us at):  BIT.LY/IGMAINC

 Empowering Individuals, Families, and Organizations with Smart, Simple Coverage Protection for your family, your business, and your personal identity.

NOTE: Call to learn about income-driven opportunities: 770-422-4048


      Church On The Road - Please Visit: 

      All you need to know about 501c3 Nonprofits, Grants, & Real Estate Options 

                  (Be sure to tell Dr. Paul you were referred by IGMA to tap into your discounts)

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