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The Pain of Losing a Sibling.

The loss of a family member or loved one is never easy but talking about a brother... Whew... a piece of me was spiritually murdered with him. If it wasn't for the age difference we'd be twins! From childhood to adulthood I was always his baby sister. Otis was always a protector, a good son, a friend brother, and an amazing father. He was always the life of the party. If anyone around him was having a bad day that feeling didn't last for too long because he was continuously telling jokes and making people laugh and alone kept a smile on everyone's face. My family and I would talk amongst ourselves about what type of person he would've been. I think he would have been a loving, caring, respectable gentleman man and an awesome father just like he was 18 years ago. The type of brother he was to me was a second father. Lol... He had eyes and ears everywhere! One evening I had a guy friend over, and we sat and talked on the front porch. My friend then looks over my shoulder and says, someone is over in the bushes and I think it's your brother. If I could have crawled underneath the patio chair I was sitting in and hidden, I would have! My friend and I still laugh about that night to this very day! However, memories like that I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world. I cherish the good and positive memories, I encourage myself through the sad and unforgettable emotions and most importantly I focus on happy thoughts and reminisce on the good times because that's just who he was, a good time when he walked into a room. It was lite! Riparadise Otis James Williams III 5/10/1980----11/9/2005

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